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Westward for Windows Mobile 1.02

The aim of Westward is to make you feel in the shoes of the first settlers
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Astraware Limited

Westward for Windows Mobile 1.0 is a simulation/strategy game developed by Astraware. This game has been designed for Windows Mobile for Pocket PC devices. Westward for Windows Mobile 1.0 supports the latest version of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.1 and it also supports VGA devices with full VGA resolution.
The aim of Westward is to make you feel in the shoes of the first settlers and establish your own town, decorate and maintain it in a proper condition. Your task list will include a lot of functions such as building new homes and repairing old buildings, finding wells, golden veins, building farms, lumber camps, recruiting settlers, taking care of settlers and satisfying their need for accommodation, food, health and job. Another important task is keeping bandits away from the town, haunting and defeating them. It is to mention, sometimes you'll have to do a lot of restoration work after some people have fun.
Westward will take some time to start playing, but it will sure amaze you. Graphics, music and sound effects are really good for a Windows Mobile game.
Westward is a full featured time limited demo version which will work only for 15 games. Obviously this is too few for this kind of games. Nevertheless, if you feel like playing more the game can be unlocked to full version by registering it at the developer's page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Interesting story
  • Great graphics and sound effects


  • It takes too much time to learn how to play
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